Monday, September 28, 2009

Papa Joe camp

Well it was another good camp in honor of Papa Joe. We were able to meet some great people who trained along with Papa Joe as young men, and also some of his family attended. We shared stories for a while then good into some Papa Joe (stuff), this continued at Papa Jules dojo in the afternoon. It was as I expected a great time, and a great moment in out training together. I hope in the future that everyone will be able to attened the camps, they are a opportunity to train with the top members of the assoc. There is a lot of knowledge there to tap into so do your best to try and be a acctive member!!

Sensei Karl

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


July 09 promotions:

Oliver, Katie, Madalyn, Amaya, Nathan, Nicole, Allison
Papa Joe Memorial Camp, Sept. 26 10-11 AM for ages ?-10 yrs. 11-1:00 for those 1o yrs. and up.
Afternoon session at Papa Jules 2:30 to 4:00
Come and train with us, and help us honor the memory of Papa Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!

As Papa Joe said " Do it with love" Meaning no ill- will in your heart, but train hard together!

Hey everyone!!!!!! Youtube is awesome, just had to ask how to do this, and bam here it is! I am open to suggestions on what info you guy's would like to see here. I will post promotions and weather related closings this winter if need be. As I learn more about this, it will expand to include video's and related info.

Sensei Karl